photo of various tube  cutting, tube bending, tube forming and tube machining processes delivered by Production Tube Cutting Inc.


Whether you need 80,000 cut tubes in 24 hours or a brand new highly engineered solution for a micro or a large part ... Production Tube Cutting Inc is your competitive source.

We provide comprehensive services for tube cutting, tube bending, tube forming, engineered tubes, tailored blanks, tube machining, and custom tube fabrication and pre-assembly.

We work hard to solve your manufacturing problems through value-added engineering ... providing you with simpler, lower-cost solutions. Through years of experience, continuous education, the latest equipment and a small, highly-trained staff, Production Tube Cutting Inc is your edge for tubular solutions.

Production Tube Cutting Inc. adheres to ISO 9001:9002 standards with their custom and precision tube cutting services

ISO 9001:2008
Zero Defects is
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