For more than 50 years, Production Tube Cutting has helped offshore companies launch their satellite operations in the United States. From China to Germany, Brazil to South Africa, Production Tube Cutting has the capability and knowledge to help new domestics find ways to efficiently supply their operations in the U.S. market.

One of the first hurtles a new company may encounter is switching from a JIS specification or DIN specification to a material more commonly found in the USA. Determining the correct specification to use – ASTM, SAE or ISI – can be difficult.

Recently a German company moved an operation from Germany to the U.S. They needed to establish a cost-competitive supply base in local U.S. markets. Production Tube Cutting was chosen to aid them because of our worldwide relations and in-depth knowledge of the tubing industry. In this case, PTC engineers recommended transferring DIN specs to ASTM standards which slightly changed the carbon content of the steel tube.

Changing material specifications allowed the customer to reduce material cost and improve overall tolerances of the end product, thereby making the material easier to weld and assemble. Production Tube Cutting’s knowledge of materials and processes yielded a cost reduction of about 20% and benefited the entire supply chain for this particular job.