Since 1959, we have cut all types of material — copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, mild and stainless steels, zirconium, titanium and gold — in all types of shapes — round, shaped tubing and solid bar. Along the way we've acquired a unique mix of machines and capabilities, with many machines custom built by our expert engineers, to handle these jobs. We've also added forming, machining and pre-assembly services at customer requests.

Expert focus

As tube experts, we study metallurgy extensively. Years of experience have taught us how various materials react to different tube cutting, forming and machining challenges and processes. This systematic detail approach helped us achieve ISO 9001:2015.


Quick turn around of your request is assured because each step of the process is carefully documented from start to finish. A parallel manufacturing inventory with flexible controlled inventories keeps costs low. Our system of ordering, cutting and packaging tubing reduces material costs and saves you money.


From the front office to the back door, our personnel routinely create innovative solutions that add value to ordinary jobs and make extraordinary jobs possible.


To manufacture the highest caliber products that are innovative and beneficial to our customers.

Since 1959