Tube Cutting

tube cutting and tune forming and tube machining services performed to ISO 9001:2008 specification by Production Tube Cutting Inc.

Tube Cutting Expertise

  • All types of tubing, shapes and materials
  • "Burr-free" parts to exact tube cutting tolerances
  • Cuts tube ends/surface finishes to spec -.010" to 6" diameter tubes with various wall thicknesses
  • All types of end finishes and radii - prototypes to production run tube cutting
  • Tube cutting tolerances as tight as ± .002"
  • Micro-part tube cutting technology

Supported Shear Tube Cut-Off

  • Shears burr-free parts to tight tolerances with no scrap between tube cut parts
  • Production rates are thousands of parts per hour, since tube cut parts roll off the machine ready for shipping
  • Outside diameters up to 7"
  • Lengths as short as .040" long up to 24" long
  • Standard length tolerances of ± .005"
  • Tube wall thicknesses range from .010" to inches thick
  • Speed, accuracy, reliability
  • Custom fabrication from prototype to production run tube cutting services

Saw and Lathe Cutting Operations

  • Micro parts as small as .010" OD to large diameter tubing to 5.250" OD
  • Lengths up to 24.000" long.
  • Angle cut to your specifications
  • If you require longer parts, please call our engineering department to discuss your tube cutting part specifications

Secondary Operations

  • Tumble deburring - end finishing with standard length tolerances as tight as ± .002"
  • Chamfering the OD and ID or adding a precise radius
  • Vibratory cleaning - includes beads, flares, swages, notches, pierces and end forms to meet all your part specifications